Blogs: Hanoi to Sapa Private Cars

Hanoi to Sapa Private Cars

Hanoi to Sapa Private Cars

Sapa away from Hanoi 367 km and usually take 6 hours to transfer between. There are a lot of option to go between Hanoi and Sapa, by sleeping bus, luxury limousine van or cabin bus.

List of transportation to go between Hanoi and Sapa:

Private Car

We provide various car options: 4 seats, 7 seats, 9 seats (limousine)

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Private Cabin Bus

Bus have only 20 beds, most relax and private bed besides train.

Private Cabin Train

Extra safe and the most relaxation trip.

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Question & Answer

Hanoi Sapa travel tip

  • Online booking at our office is the best choice for tourist people, because the price is best price and reliable!
  • The most time Sapa frequently cold, you should prepare a jacket for it, also the small rain or fog may come anytime, so the road are dirt, prepare hiking boots also.
  • You have to pay for ticket at any tour destination, so prepare small vietnam dong for it.
  • At bus/car stop point the food are high price than at other place, prepare your food and drink is good option but just bring it out when the car stop, because most car don’t allow to eat food on the car.

How long does it take to travel from Hanoi to Sapa?

  • Bus: 4 - 6 hours depending on the type of bus and the traffic + Stop 2 times (10mins for toilet and 30mins for food). However, some buses arrive in the middle of the night in Sapa, which may not be convenient for some travelers. You should check the time before booking or LuxuryTour team will help you.
  • Train: 8 - 9 hours, including a transfer from Lao Cai station to Sapa town by van or bus. The train is a more comfortable, especially if you take an overnight train. Snack, food and clean restroom are available. You can save on a night of accommodation and enjoy the scenery along the way.
  • Car & mini van: about 5 hours, which is the fastest way to travel and relatively affordable way to travel.

How much does it cost for transport from Hanoi to Sapa?

  • Bus: The bus is the cheapest way to travel, with prices starting from $11
  • Sleeping Cabin bus: just from $22 for Shared tickets picking up in Hanoi city (per berth). The bus is the cheapest way to travel.
  • Train: just from $29 for a Shared cabin , from $115 for Private cabin (max 4 pax/berth)
  • Private Car: from $152 for a 4-seater car, $162 for 7 seater car, $182 for 9 seater Car, pick up at Hotel or airport. If you use Shared service of LuxuryTour, it just take from $18.
  • Limousine Van: just from $19 for normal seats

Which is the fastest transport to get to Sapa?

  • Travel to Sapa by Private car/Limousine van is the fastest way. It just take about 5 hour with affordable prices. You can also be flexible about the departure time and be picked up at your hotel. Moreover, they have many conveniences will make you feel comfortable.

Which is the most popular transport to get to Sapa?

  • Sleeping cabin bus is the most choice for tourist people, with the best price in the list and the quality is suitable for the price. If you go to Sapa in the night-time, just sleep and wake-up when the bus arrival.

Which transport should I use to get to Sapa?

  • Each of transport have its benefit, and it fit for each person, you can read some benefit below and pick the best transport for you:
  • Train is the most relax space and professional, they have snack, food and clean restroom, the train go smoothly, so you can read the book or take picture during the trip.
  • Private cabin bus have private space, each person enjoy a private cabin with LCD TV, USB charge. It can’t too smooth like train but still very comfortable.

Does the car and train stop to take a break?

  • The car and bus usually stop 2 time, first one about 10 minutes for toilet and second one about 30 minutes for food
  • The train will go direct, you can enjoy food and have toilet on the train

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